About Us

ForgeOrg is new entity in Cybersecurity that caters various services in Identity and Access Management space, primarily engaged in preparing IAM resources for world leading product which is being used to fulfil the IAM resource demand in Cyber Security company.

Our focus is to address few of the common challenges that we see in the Industry mostly in IAM space.

Resourcing : Cyber Security space is growing very fast and most of  the Cyber Security Company has many project in the pipeline, but they are struggling to fulfil the demand of good technical IAM resource. Job search/consulting company is trying their best to match the demand but they are failed big time as they are not having SME in IAM space.

Training : In IAM space because of growing demand, an organization spending lots of money in vendor specific training,  and as per our analysis vendor specific training is not worth the amount an organization invest per resource. As per our research 70% of resources are not satisfied and their common feedback is that trainers are not competent enough to provide deep understanding and cover most of the common use-case.

Freelancing: Since demand is increasing in IAM space, it is becoming very difficult for an organization to meet the delivery in very limited project duration which is leaving organization no choice other than finding the resource outside which can complete some the complex use-case quickly.

We have strong IAM team having Industry experience of more than 15+ years engaged in training and reskilling our resource who can be deployed and can be utilized from day one.

We have pool of experience resources who are able to take the freelancing work and are able to complete the task on agreed timeline .